Wednesday, 2 August 2017

mine craft 2

                             mine craft                                                                                                                             mine craft is a game.                                                 mine craft is a game that you can build.                   mine craft is a game that you can build what ever you wont! you can build a hows a model
 of can build an island and then build a hows on the island! mine craft is a creating game play it all the time.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

mine craft

This is my mine craft shark's . The top one is a model of shark face. And the bottom.  

the great white shark

the great white shark is a danger to people . The great white shark is OK to swim with but i would not . You have a chance of dyeing with out a cage.Not match is known about the great white's insides because.

Monday, 24 July 2017


My Holiday!

In the holiday's I ...the first day of the holiday I went to Auckland and stayed at my uncle's for three night's! and every day I visited my great grand dad and great granny!then i had a sleep over at my Nanny and Popper hows for 1 week. and then I stayed at my casein's hows Ollie for one night. and then I went back to my popper's hows stayed there for one more week! and there's two more week's to go.   

Friday, 23 June 2017


What I am interested in about our backyard.
(5 top things)
What do I know
(5 main facts)
What I want to know.
(5 best questions)
Project ideas (not final).
(3 ideas)
  • Barukoutu
  • Great white shark
  • Kawhai
  • Mako shark              
  • Kiner

  • Same fish are extinct.  
  • Shark’s are almost. extinct .
  • Barakota a pane .
  • Kawye are good beat.
  • Tiger sharks eat enthinghat thay see .

  • How do mako sharks get off a hoke.
  • How many mako sharks  are lifr in the world .
  • How many kawhai are there in the world.
  • How do you catch a crayfish on a fishing rod.
  • How do blood a kawhai  

  • Make a model of a eny shark .
  • Make model a crayfish
  • Make a model of a kiner

  • Monday, 19 June 2017

    the day my brother took over.

    {the day my brother took over}     made up
    It was dark . i was scared . and i hord a sand like a spanner turning . the lightning struck i saw a shadow like my brother .when i awoke i look at the window . it was my brother and same people he had hired . and he said i am taking over the world . so do not get in my way! . otherwise perhaps my people wele tiey you to a pole and shot you . so stay out of my way . i can’t believe he had a nafe money to get people like that . of kors i wode i have $569,999 . the next day i figured how could he do this then i had an aider . if i come in his teme i will destroy the computer and he will not take over the world . so went in too his teme and destroyed the computer .i never know what happened i was 22,384 . and i lived up to 22,384 right enuf of that back to the story . so when i destroy the computer . i got tide to a pole and shot or did i ? i turned and the rope snapped and i escaped . i may of ben 22,384 but i cipt up my strength and did it. My brother thout that i was shot and turned into dast . i was not so my brother took of i never sore hem for 100 years.

    The Beginning Of Star Wars

    How Star Wars was Made
    This is my story of how Star Wars was made . The world was small and the good people had most of it . The bad people started fighting for more land. The fight went on for 5 years and then the fight went up to space and they built space ships with people called Kilo, Ren and Darth Vader . The good guys  made the Melamine Falcons and the bad people made X-wings and the space wars went on for many years . Even today, the war is still on. So, the  fight is on in anther galaxy . And the X-wings probably out numbered the Melamine Falcons 1 000 000 to

    1 . Kilo Ren has a space ship especially for him. 

    Wednesday, 14 June 2017

    mt bruce


    Whai is the maori name for string. This is a video of me doing the whai and me doing the waka pattern with it.the starting of making the waka i was confused . but i got it in the end.

    Wednesday, 3 May 2017



                                              this is the interdependence rap video witch it and learn it 

    Friday, 3 March 2017

    Lost in the bush narrative

        Scorpion attack   
    Aaaaaaaaa as I foll of the plan and into the scorpion jungle with Kahu and Jefe. I say we're in the scorpion jungle this is bad sase Kahu and I say you're right.and then 1000000 scorpions and 10 russell’s viper’s cercl
    as l as one cilse jefe it was only me and Kahu and one brakebill vine above as there was only one hope.we hade to christ are hope and jump.and we wore on the vine it was breaking.we swang and jump bat landed on the scope in’s .all we remember was black and when we woke up. we wore in a r helicopter.