Monday, 19 June 2017

the day my brother took over.

{the day my brother took over}     made up
It was dark . i was scared . and i hord a sand like a spanner turning . the lightning struck i saw a shadow like my brother .when i awoke i look at the window . it was my brother and same people he had hired . and he said i am taking over the world . so do not get in my way! . otherwise perhaps my people wele tiey you to a pole and shot you . so stay out of my way . i can’t believe he had a nafe money to get people like that . of kors i wode i have $569,999 . the next day i figured how could he do this then i had an aider . if i come in his teme i will destroy the computer and he will not take over the world . so went in too his teme and destroyed the computer .i never know what happened i was 22,384 . and i lived up to 22,384 right enuf of that back to the story . so when i destroy the computer . i got tide to a pole and shot or did i ? i turned and the rope snapped and i escaped . i may of ben 22,384 but i cipt up my strength and did it. My brother thout that i was shot and turned into dast . i was not so my brother took of i never sore hem for 100 years.


  1. wow toby, great imagination! lets hope your brother doesn't try and destroy the world ever again!!

  2. I'm not commenting on your "The Day My Brother Took Off" which is cool. I am commenting on your "About me" your About me is telling me all about are a super star.well done!